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FlexDSL Products

FlexDSL G.SHDSL.bis TDM and EFM Based Products

Why Invest in FlexDSL

FlexDSL offers a broad range of SHDSL/SHDSL.bis and EFM  modems and repeaters/regenerators targeted to meet both typical carrier and access network needs as well as industrial requirements. While offering standard products, FlexDSL also offers highly flexible and customised telecommunication solutions that can be smoothly integrated into existing third party telecommunication platforms. The inclusion of EFM Technology into MiniFlex and the new GigaFlex range has allowed interconnectivity with many other manufacturers EFM products which are no longer available.

What makes FlexDSL so special

MiniFlex from FlexDSL offers


G.SHDSLbis Ext (TC-PAM4/8/16/32/64/128), 11/15Mbps per Copper Pair
FlexDSL Series Available Interfaces
Orion2+ (TDM) E1, Ethernet
Orion3 E1, Nx64, RS-232, Ethernet, Daugherboards
Repeater Ethernet
MiniFlex Ethernet, Optica, VOIP, POE, Serial, 
G.SHDSLbis (TC-PAM16/32), 5.7Mbps per Copper Pair
FlexDSL Series Available Interfaces
Orion2 (TDM) E1, Ethernet
Discovery (ATM) Ethernet
Repeater Ethernet


G.SHDSL (TC-PAM16), 2.3Mbps per Copper Pair

FlexDSL Series Available Interfaces
Orion1 (TDM) E1, Nx64, RS-232, FXO/FXS, Ethernet
Discovery (ATM/TDM) Ethernet, FXO/FXS
Repeater Ethernet


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